What Caregivers Should Know About Athlete's Foot

What Caregivers Should Know About Athlete's Foot

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If your senior loved one frequents a fitness club, they are likely to be enjoying a good amount of physical exercise as well as meeting up with friends to work out with.  Going to a fitness club can be a great way for your senior loved one to get healthy exercise all year round and it can also be great for social interaction.  Many fitness clubs offer group exercise classes, sessions with personal trainers, and pools for lap swimming or water aerobics.  If your loved one uses a fitness club, going through the locker room, showering there, or changing there is usually a necessity.  Unfortunately, shared locker rooms can often be breeding grounds for germs and a common fungal infection called athlete’s foot.  Read on for more information about this common but uncomfortable fungal infection that is easily transmitted from person to person in locker rooms.  

What are the symptoms of athlete’s foot?

The athlete’s foot fungus thrives in warm and moist environments, so it most often grows in between the toes. In between the toes, your loved one may notice peeling, scaly, and cracked skin that burns and is itchy.  It can also grow on the heels, causing thickened, cracking skin.  One type of athlete’s foot infection causes fluid-filled blisters on the foot.

How is athlete’s foot treated?

A doctor can diagnose athlete’s foot based on your loved one’s symptoms.  Many athlete’s foot infections can be treated and eradicated by using over-the-counter creams, lotions, or sprays.  In some cases, a doctor may prescribe an anti-fungal medication.  It is important for your loved one to use the medication as directed so that the infection goes away and does not keep returning.

Can athlete’s foot be prevented?

Athlete’s foot can be prevented, even if your loved one uses public locker rooms and/or pools.  One great way to prevent athlete’s foot is to always wear shoes in the locker room and on the pool deck.  A good pair of sandals with plenty of traction are a great choice.  In addition, it is important for your loved one to keep their feet clean and dry.  They can use a foot powder to absorb excess moisture and always wear breathable shoes and socks.  If they exercise in shoes and socks, it is always a great idea to change socks frequently if they get sweaty or damp.

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