Elder Care Tips: Creative Exercises to Enjoy with Your Seniors during the Winter Season

Elder Care Tips: Creative Exercises to Enjoy with Your Seniors during the Winter Season

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Getting enough physical activity is a critical part of keeping your parents' bodies, minds, and emotions healthy and strong throughout their aging years and should be a central focus of your elder care journey with them during all season. When the cooler weather hits, however, you might find it more difficult to stay as active as you have during the spring, summer, and even fall months. Cold weather automatically makes you feel more tired and encourages you to stay inside, which can limit the types of activities that you enjoy. Finding creative and engaging exercises to enjoy with your seniors during the winter season ensures that their bodies stay strong, flexible, and active, and can help them to ward off those dreaded holiday pounds that creep up while indulging in all of the treats of the season.  

Try some of these ideas to keep your senior loved ones physically active even while they hunker down in the cold winter season:

Active video games. Start the holiday gift giving a bit early this year and invest in a video gaming system that offers active games. Several systems exist now that utilize actual body movements to play the games, encouraging your parents, your children, and even you and your partner to have fun while they are staying active. These games range from sports simulators to obstacle courses, yoga, "life-size" arcade games, and more to keep their minds engaged and sharp as well.

Obstacle courses. Nothing encourages people to participate in physical activity like fun, and obstacle courses can be a fun, exciting, and unique forms of exercise. Team up with your parents' home care provider to devise obstacles throughout the home that are safe and accessible for your loved ones, but that also challenge their bodies and their minds. For example, set the course so that your parents walk up and down four steps, do a lap around the living room, move a book from one table to another, and then walk up and down the steps again. This simple circuit works out their muscles, joints, and cardiovascular system while also sharpening their memory skills.

Add exercise to regular chores. Your aging loved ones already have to do things throughout the home to keep it clean, neat, and healt hy, so accomplish both goals by adding exercise to these tasks. For example, do knee bends while standing at the sink washing dishes, add a lap or two around the house when taking the trash out, or do stretches while folding laundry.

Online workouts. The internet is a rich source of exercise routines. There are many free videos and sites available that let you and your aging loved ones explore many different types of exercise so that you can find routines that you enjoy and will stick to, or just do a variety of different workouts to keep things interesting and engaging. Try a variety of approaches including stretching, resistance training, traditional cardio training, and dance-based workouts to make your workouts something you can all look forward to, and to ensure that you keep your bodies challenged.

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