Using Technology for Seniors Aging in Place

Elderly Care in Sandy UT

According to reports, a whopping 95 percent of people age 75 and older say they want to remain in their homes indefinitely. That’s understandable if you’re the senior. But for the adult child of a senior that’s a big concern, especially if the senior lives alone. Will they remember to take their medications and at the right time? How will they get help if they fall or have some other injury? What will they do if there’s an emergency of some sort? But those questions and so many more have had technology insiders and companies burning the midnight oil to design more and more technological gadgets and applications that can help them, even in your absence.
Pew Research says that approximately 72 percent of caregivers gather health information online, and 52 percent participate in online social activity related to health. But AARP adds that family caregivers are taking advantage of many technological advances and trends, beyond just the Internet or social media.
  • Health Tracking Tools. As a family caregiver you are juggling appointments, health records, Medicare, Social Security and insurance paperwork, you name it. There are online tools available like Mayo Health Manager and Health Vault that offer users a single source to store, organize and manage all of the necessary health information for your loved one. Some medical providers and pharmacies also offer their own smart phone or online apps that offer much of the same. AARP has something similar and there are plenty of other individual apps available that can offer the same kind of management system.
  • Medication Reminders. Caregivers can’t administer medication, but can remind loved ones to take it. Reminders can be set with some tools like MedMinder or TabSafe to remind seniors to take their meds and even to alert caregivers if they’ve forgotten. There are also a host of smart phone or tablet apps available that will give someone an alert to take a specific pill at a designated time.
  • Medical Alert Systems or Personal Emergency Response Systems. These are systems that with the press of a button can alert a response team to get help for a senior who has fallen or had some other medical emergency. Additionally, family caregivers can have a sensor-based home monitoring system installed that will notify them of an emergency or when something out of the ordinary has happened in their loved one’s home.
There are plenty of other kinds of technology to help your loved one, including housekeeping robots; GPS technology that, when worn, can track your loved one’s exact location; small security cameras that allow you to check in on your loved one from any computer or mobile device, and more. A home care provider, visiting with your senior loved one on a regular basis, can also offer assistance with the tasks of daily living, companionship, help with getting around the house and more.

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Michael and Marlena Hawkins, Owners, Interim HealthCare, Salt Lake City, UT 

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