Asthma Makes Daily Living Tough - Four Things You Can Do to Help

Asthma Makes Daily Living Tough - Four Things You Can Do to Help
More than 2 million men and women over the age of 64 have asthma. One thing differs between elderly asthma patients and younger ones. Senior citizens with asthma often have a harder time handling the symptoms, even when it's mild. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, seniors with even the mildest symptom have a higher risk of respiratory failure.

If you suspect your mom or dad has asthma, it's important that you take action. Here are four things you need to do to help.

Schedule a Doctor's Appointment

Make sure your parent sees a doctor. Have asthma diagnosed and work with your mom or dad's doctor to find an effective treatment. Your parent may have questions, and you can cover any topics you think your mom or dad forgot to discuss. 

To help out the doctor, try to keep a journal detailing what your mom or dad was doing when the attack hit. Think about any plants blooming in the yard, changes within the home, or stress levels at the time of the asthma attack. It can help pinpoint potential triggers.

Purchase an Air Purifier

Get an air purifier for your parent's house. Dust, pollen, and mildew spores can all trigger asthma attacks. If you run an air purifier to help remove or reduce these potential triggers it can help. 

When looking into the best brand, consider the cost of filter replacements. If a purifier has filters that can be wiped down, it will help with operating expenses.

Limit Time Spent Outside

As you get to know your parent's triggers, you may find you have to monitor time spent outside. If there are certain pollens that trigger an attack, your mom or dad needs to stay inside with windows closed when that pollen is heaviest. Smoke, smog, and low humidity levels can also trigger attacks. Watch for those signs and help your parent avoid going outside when a triggering factor is present.

Hire Caregivers to Provide Additional Support

Hire caregivers to help your mom or dad with activities that may trigger an asthma attack. If dust seems to be a trigger, have your parent leave the room while a caregiver dusts, sweeps, and/or vacuums. If your parent forgets to take medications, caregivers are there to offer medication reminders. 

Caregivers are also helpful at being around your mom or dad when you can't be. If you're keeping a journal of asthma attacks for a doctor, caregivers can note things when you're not there. They're also on hand for support while your parent recovers from an attack.

Call a home care agency to discuss other services that can help a senior citizen with asthma. With caregivers helping you and your parent, everyone gains some peace of mind. Call now to get started.


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Author: Michael and Marlena Hawkins, Owners, Interim HealthCare, Salt Lake City, UT 

Interim HealthCare of Salt Lake City has been in business since February 2014, providing in-home personal care and support services that help our elderly and/or disabled neighbors live enriched, safe and independent lives. Our goal is to provide customized care and support services that make it possible for our clients to remain in the comfort of their own homes rather than relocate to an assisted living facility. Interim HealthCare is family owned by Michael and Marlana Hawkins, and is a Veteran Owned Small Business.

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