Home Care Tips: Encouraging Healthy Emotional Expression on Be Mad Day

Home Care Tips: Encouraging Healthy Emotional Expression on Be Mad Day

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Have you ever had a day when you felt angry, overwhelmed, and frustrated, but you fought to keep it in and not express it to anyone around you? Everyone has, and when you are on a home care journey with your elderly loved one you are likely to experience more of them than you ever had. Being a family caregiver can be very difficult, especially if you are coping with chronic conditions, your loved one has Alzheimer's disease or other form of dementia, or you are a part of the sandwich generation. Every day you face a variety of challenges and demands that can push you toward your edge, but you may be resistant to express anger. Perhaps you feel that if you show that you are mad, you will seem like you do not want to take care of your parent. Perhaps you feel that if others see that you are mad, they will not trust you or they will think that you cannot handle the challenges.

Regardless of the reason that you withhold your anger, you could be putting yourself at risk. Research has shown that holding in anger for long periods of time increase your risk of developing heart disease. Anger also weakens your immune system so you are more likely to contract infections or illnesses, and will have a more difficult time fighting off those issues. In terms of your ability to care for your parent, when you hold back your angry, you are more likely to have resentment or be distracted. This keeps you from being able to be the highest quality caregiver possible for your loved one.

On the other hand, expressing your anger in healthy ways releases stress and tension and reduces depression. Expressing your anger also enables you to address issues within your care journey or other areas of your life so that you can resolve those issues.

March 28 is Be Mad Day. Take this day to give yourself permission to acknowledge and express your anger in healthy way. Try these tips to embrace this healthy expression and improve your mental, emotional, and physical health:

• Acknowledge that it is healthy and beneficial to express anger when done in controlled, non-harmful ways

• Take the time to identify the actual source of your anger and determine if it is something that you can control or change, or something that is outside of your control

• If you are able to change what is causing your anger, find healthy, constructive ways to make the necessary changes

• If you are unable to change what is causing your anger, express the feelings that you have and then make the commitment to let it go

• Start journaling. This journal is a place where you can express all of your anger, tension, disappointment, and sadness in a completely safe and private environment

• Lean on your partner and allow him to be where you go to discuss your emotions

• Have a respite in home health care services provider come in for the day to give yourself some time off to relax, release some tension, and get back into a healthier, more constructive frame of mind.



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