Can Home Care Reduce Your Risk After a Heart Attack?

Can Home Care Reduce Your Risk After a Heart Attack?
The American Heart Association released a study showing that “Heart attack or heart failure patients may have a high risk of death or re-admission for a month or longer after leaving the hospital.”  The study, released on May 16, 2013, states that 70.3 percent of heart failure patients were re-hospitalized within the first year and 41.8 percent died. Patients who suffered heart attacks had a 50.5% re-hospitalization rate and a mortality rate of 29.8% within the first year. 

According to Kumar Dharmarajan, M.D., M.B.A., lead author of the study and a fellow in cardiology at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, “Post-discharge care may be improved when aligned to the periods of greatest risk for patients.” In other words, we must ensure that heart patients have proper home care in the period following a hospitalization for heart failure or heart attack, when they are at the greatest risk.

Home care professionals, who are highly trained for post discharge care, can monitor the well being of the patient during this risky time period and contact your doctor should the care plan need to be adjusted. Skilled nursing at home will ensure that patients are taking medications properly and home care professionals will react quickly to any unforeseen circumstances. 

Home Care following a heart issue is generally covered by Medicare and/or insurance companies and can make a huge difference in the recovery of heart patients.  Learn more about how Home Care Services can reduce the risk of re-hospitalization or even death following a heart attack or heart failure incident.

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