How to Keep Your Elderly Loved One Safe Starting Today

How to Keep Your Elderly Loved One Safe Starting Today
There are many things to think about when a person gets older. Is there home a safe place for them to live? Can the person get around their home without having to watch out for obstacles? The fact is that safety in the home is one of the most important things you need to consider when you are caring for an elderly loved one. Continue reading to learn all about how you can keep your elderly loved one safe starting today. 

Better Doorknobs and Faucets

One way to keep your elderly loved one safe in their home is to make sure their door knobs and faucets are adequately placed in the kitchen and bathroom. It is important for the doorknobs to be positioned at a level that is easily accessible for your elderly loved one. In addition, knobs that can be pushed with a simple movement of the hand can be helpful. You might also want to check into faucets that can be turned on and off by a swipe of the hand. 

Grab Bars and Handrails

Another way to ensure the safety of your elderly loved one is to have grab bars and handrails installed in their bathrooms and stairwells. You can start by putting grab bars in showers and around toilet areas. Then, you can make sure all the stairwells in the home have durable handrails on them. Don’t forget the ones that are on porches and patios, as well. 

Better Bathroom

Studies have shown that many elderly people get injured while in the bathroom. This means you really need to put some extra attention into creating a better bathroom for your elderly loved one. Some of the things you should include in your elderly loved one’s new and improved bathroom include the following:
  • Movable shower heads
  • Portable shower seats
  • Easily accessible bathtubs and shower stalls
You should also make sure the bathroom is free of throw rugs which often are the cause of falls in the bathroom. As a family caregiver, you might not have the ability to overhaul your loved one’s bathroom. However, you could hire a professional, ask other family members to help you give your loved one a new bathroom, or ask for assistance from a local elderly care organization. If a remodel isn’t an option right now, you may want to hire senior care providers to help your elderly loved one stay safe in the meantime. 


It is essential to create a safe environment for your elderly loved one. However, sometimes the things that need changed or fixing do cost some money. If you and your elderly loved can’t afford to make these changes, consider checking into it with their insurance company. Some companies may be able to cover some of the costs for the improvements. You can also hire senior care providers to help keep your loved one safe while you wait to afford these changes. 

If you or an aging loved one are considering senior care in Avenues, UT, contact the caring staff at Interim Healthcare. Call today 801-401-3515.

Author: Michael and Marlena Hawkins, Owners, Interim HealthCare, Salt Lake City, UT 

Interim HealthCare of Salt Lake City has been in business since February 2014, providing in-home personal care and support services that help our elderly and/or disabled neighbors live enriched, safe and independent lives. Our goal is to provide customized care and support services that make it possible for our clients to remain in the comfort of their own homes rather than relocate to an assisted living facility. Interim HealthCare is family owned by Michael and Marlana Hawkins, and is a Veteran Owned Small Business.

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