Six Common Myths About Home Care Services
Home care services are considered a godsend to many caregivers who have loved ones requiring help with day to day tasks in the home. However, there are still some who are concerned with the idea of a stranger taking care of their loved one or being in their home. There are several myths regarding home care services.

Myth 1: Home care workers don’t care about their patients
Some caregivers tend to jump to the conclusion that an in-home care provider is not going to give their loved one the quality of care that they deserve. An agency will usually learn the needs of a person before sending someone to their home. This allows them to place a caregiver qualified to meet the needs of your loved one. A good caregiver is patient when establishing a rapport with a senior, helping them to feel at ease. They are understanding of a senior’s hesitations and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible. If you find that you are unsatisfied with the caregiver they send to help your loved one, contact the agency and request another home care worker.

Myth 2: Home care is only for those who are really sick
Medical home care is available to seniors who are very sick but there are also non-medical home care services for those who just need some help around the house. Non-medical services usually include help with day-to-day activities such as bathing, dressing, housework, transportation, shopping, and meal preparation. This could be beneficial to both you and your loved one as you can specify the number of hours each week that you would like to receive help.

Myth 3: Home care workers abuse the elderly and steal from them
There are instances where this happens and unfortunately it gives a bad reputation for the caregivers who are honest and caring. This can be avoided by asking an agency how they screen their applicants and if they perform background checks. Ask how employees are trained and if they are certified. Agencies usually have a supervisor who oversees the work of the caregiver.

Myth 4: Home care is unaffordable
Depending upon the level of care and how many hours a week you would like to receive, in-home care services can be more affordable than a nursing home or assisted living facility. The average hourly rate can vary but usually ranges from $19 to $25 per hour.

Myth 5: I will have no say over who comes into our home
Agencies will work with you to find an in-home care provider with the personality and skills suitable for your loved one.

Myth 6: Home care is not an option for seniors requiring 24-hour care
There are several agencies who will put together an experienced team to care for your loved one 24/7.

There are many misconceptions about home care services. As a caregiver looking after a loved one, you have to be prepared to do some research and ask questions.

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