Surgical Recovery Tips - How Home Care Can Help

Surgical Recovery Tips - How Home Care Can Help
Contrary to what you might think, recovery from surgery begins long before you even leave the hospital. It starts in your doctor’s office before your procedure and involves you asking a lot of questions. However trivial they may seem, you should ask your surgeon every question you can think of prior to your operation. These can include plans for pain management, bathing instructions, how long you’ll be out of work and the best rehab regimen, among others. If you arm yourself with enough knowledge ahead of the surgery, you’ll be better mentally and physically prepared to deal with the recovery afterwards. Another important question to ask is whether to consider temporary in-home care.
While preparation is certainly a key to a successful recovery, there are many other things you can do to ensure that you’re on your feet and back to normal as quickly as possible.
Enlist Help
You don’t have to be Superman (or Wonder Woman). Make sure you have a support team in place so you can focus on rest and recovery. If your friends or family members are unavailable to help you, consider enlisting some in-home care professionals in Salt Lake City for help. Services such as Interim HealthCare’s Relax & Recover: Assistance before and after surgery will ensure you rest comfortably and get back to your usual routine as swiftly as possible.
Take your medications. You have to trust that your doctor knows more than you do and certain medications will not have their prescribed impact if they are not taken for an entire cycle. Make sure medications are close by and easily accessible so you don’t have to move around to reach them. Enlisting the help of a home care companion will ensure that you are on the correct medication schedule.
Stock the Fridge
It may seem trivial, but a fridge full of your favorite foods and beverages can go a long way in helping you heal. If an ice cream sandwich and a glass of grape juice always make you feel better, then make sure they’re in your kitchen. Post surgery is not time to be running to the grocery store.
Recovery can sometimes be lonely business. That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep your cell phone and laptop nearby. Stock up on some DVDs and make sure your DVR is loaded with some of your shows that you need to catch up on. Entertainment is not only fun, but its also a healthy distraction during the recovery process.
Follow Directions
Your doctor knows best. If he or she tells you to stay in bed for a week and to not lift anything over 5 pounds for a month, then there is probably a reason for that. You may be feeling better after a few days, but it’s important to follow you post-operative plan because the last thing anyone wants is a relapse or further injury. All of the above are good tips, enlist the help of friends and family but if they are not available or consistent, you should look into Home Care in your area

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