Healthy Skin Information for Your Elderly Loved One

Healthy Skin Information for Your Elderly Loved One
Your elderly loved one’s skin health is important. While it might not seem as important as their heart, kidney, or liver health, you should still pay attention to it. The good news is that it isn’t too difficult to help your elderly loved one care for their skin. Here is some healthy skin information that you can share with your loved one. 

Follow a Healthy Diet

One of the best things that your elderly loved one could do to benefit their skin is follow a healthy diet. If you and the elder care providers ensure your elderly loved one gets balanced meals every day, this can help to maintain or even improve their skin health. Eating nutrients, minerals, and vitamins helps clear the skin, make it smoother, and make it glow. In addition, these same nutrients, minerals, and vitamins can help to prevent skin damage, as well.

Drinking Water

Your elderly loved one should also be drinking water daily. They should be getting 6 to 10 glasses of water a day. Water helps to improve skin health in so many ways. Just by staying hydrated, your elderly loved one can prevent itchy skin, dry skin, and much more. Drinking water also helps to prevent wrinkles and flush out toxins from the skin, too. If your elderly loved one won’t remember to drink water, you or the elder care providers can give reminders.

Don’t Bathe or Wash Too Often

Yes, it is important for your elderly loved one to be clean and practice good personal hygiene. However, they shouldn’t be bathing or washing too often. Research shows that soaking for a long time in water can dry the skin out. In addition, if the elderly scrub their skin for too long, it can cause irritation. 

No Smoking

Smoking is very damaging to the skin. Not only can it destroy elastin and collagen in the skin, but it speeds up the aging process. If your elderly loved one wants to keep their skin healthy for as long as possible, they should quit smoking (if they do smoke). 


These are some of the pieces of information that you should know regarding healthy skin and your elderly loved one. Be sure you share this information with your loved one and their elder care providers. If your elderly loved one needs assistance implementing these things in their life, you and their elder care providers can be there to help. 


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Author: Michael and Marlena Hawkins, Owners, Interim HealthCare, Salt Lake City, UT 

Interim HealthCare of Salt Lake City has been in business since February 2014, providing in-home personal care and support services that help our elderly and/or disabled neighbors live enriched, safe and independent lives. Our goal is to provide customized care and support services that make it possible for our clients to remain in the comfort of their own homes rather than relocate to an assisted living facility. Interim HealthCare is family owned by Michael and Marlana Hawkins, and is a Veteran Owned Small Business.

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