How Seniors Can Lower Their Sugar Intake
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The typical American diet is loaded with sugar. Many foods that we commonly consume more sugar in one single serving than what the World Health Organization recommends we eat in an entire day. Sweetened drinks and processed foods are largely to blame for the steadily increasing amount of sugar intake in the average American diet, and seniors are certainly not left out of this trend. While so many foods that can be found in American grocery stores today may taste delicious, the effects of a high sugar intake can be harmful to seniors. Too much sugar intake over time can lead to weight gain, type 2 diabetes, loss of energy, liver disease, and dental problems, among other health concerns. So, how can seniors lower their sugar intake and increase their quality of life? Read on for some useful tips.

Watch What You Drink
Sodas and fruit juices are brimming with sugar. If you commonly drink these beverages, it is best to replace them with some healthier alternatives such as water flavored with lemon or cucumber, freshly brewed tea, and even sparkling water. There are many great herbal teas on the market today that can be enjoyed hot or cold and they come in a variety of flavors to keep you from getting bored. If fruit juice is a part of your daily breakfast, try replacing it with cut up pieces of fruit. Whole fruits are much better than juice because they don t have added sugar and they do have great fiber content.

Beware of HiddenSugars
Always check food labels before buying! Commonly used food items such as ketchup, salad dressing, cereals, and bread are often packed with sugar. If you can, try to find versions of the same product with a lower amount of sugar, or try making it at home. Boxed breakfast cereal can be replaced with a nice bowl of oatmeal (not the kind in packets) or a homemade bran muffin. Salad dressing can be prepared at home using vinegar, olive oil, and any favorite herbs and spices.

Re-Think Dessert
Even if you re trying to lower your sugar intake, you don t have to skip dessert. However, instead of buying packaged cookies, candies, or snack cakes, desserts prepared at home can be healthier and lower in sugar. Try making homemade applesauce, baked pears, or berry and yogurt parfaits. The nutrients from the fruit will make dessert an essential part of a healthy meal plan!

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