Having Beneficial Conversations with Your Loved Ones' Home Care Provider

Having Beneficial Conversations with Your Loved Ones' Home Care Provider

Home Care in Holladay, UT

A home care arrangement can be an amazing way to ensure your parents get the support, care, and assistance that they need to address challenges and limitations on a regular basis so that they can age in place safely and comfortably. With the important role that this care provider plays in your loved ones' lives, it is vital that you stay in close contact with her so that you can work together to create a care approach that is right for them.

Having beneficial conversations with your loved ones' home care aide can keep you up to date on your parents' condition, keep you informed about any changes in their condition or symptoms, and enable you to work with the care provider to make any changes that may be necessary to ensure your care plan stays effective, engaging, and safe for your seniors.

Use these tips to help you open the lines of communication and have the most beneficial conversations with your loved ones' home care provider:

Be available. Just as with anyone else, the best way to make sure that you get the most benefit out of your conversations with your parents' care provider is to make yourself available. If you seem approachable, friendly, and accessible, the care provider is going to be more likely to come to you when she has concerns or questions, or to engage in an open conversation with you if you initiate it. Be sure to take the time to be friendly and welcoming to the care provider whenever you see her, and ensure she has your contact information so that she can get in touch with you whenever she may need to.

Schedule it carefully. Remember that this care provider has a life of her own outside of her relationship with your parents. She may be married, have children, have another job, or even be in school. You should not expect her to spend more time at your parents' home than her set shift just to talk with you. This means when you know that you want to have a conversation with the care provider, schedule it to occur during her shift. This will put her at ease and make it less likely that she will try to rush through so that she can get to the next thing she needs to do.

Listen to her. No matter why you want to have this conversation with your seniors' care provider, whether it is that you just want to check in on their condition, you have questions you would like her input on, or you have specific concerns you need to address, be sure to take the time to listen to her. Give her the opportunity to respond, express herself, and ask her own questions so that you both can benefit from the conversation.

Include your parents. While there are some situations when you would want your conversation with the care provider to remain private, try to include your parents in at least part of it. This gives them a chance to express themselves as well, and you can watch how they all interact and behave when they are around one another, which can give you important insight into their relationship.

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