How Does Denial About Alzheimer's Disease Affect Your Elderly Loved One?

How Does Denial About Alzheimer's Disease Affect Your Elderly Loved One?

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Often other family members don't want to believe that your elderly loved one actually has Alzheimer's disease. There are a lot of reasons for this, often leading back to fear of the disease and how it can affect the entire family. The problem is that denial can be extremely dangerous not just for your family as a whole but also for your elderly loved one. Here are just a few of the ways that denial can harm your elderly loved one.

It Causes Lasting Conflicts Among Family Members

When family members can't agree and some are in denial about your loved one's health, lasting conflict starts. Few conversations end well, and it is difficult for family members to truly communicate. Each side wants the other to change their mind, and the more pressure there is, the more each side digs in their own heels. These kinds of disagreements can last for years, sometimes with family members forgetting why they even disagreed in the first place. 

It Causes Delayed Care for Your Loved One

Because family members can't even agree about what is ailing your elderly loved one, they certainly can't agree about how to treat the problem. Your other family members may agree that there's something not right with your loved one, but that could mean far different treatments as far as they're concerned than you believe that she needs. The longer that everyone continues to disagree, the longer it takes to treat your loved one.

It Stresses the Primary Caregiver

Dealing with the constant disagreements adds more stress onto the primary caregiver than simply caring for the elderly loved one would. Eventually stress takes an incredible toll on caregivers, which can make daily life far more difficult than it has to be.

It Eventually Fails Anyway

The biggest problem with denial is that it eventually fails as a coping mechanism anyway. Ultimately your other family members will be faced with the undeniable truth about your loved one's health condition. Unfortunately, by that time, many other treatment methods could have been tried. 
It's in your loved one's best interest, as well as the best interests of the entire family, to try to break through denial as calmly and as quickly as possible. Try working with your loved one's doctors and elder care providers to find ways to do that gently.
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