Moving into an assisted living facility without worry, stress or guilt

Moving into an assisted living facility without worry, stress or guilt

Your mother requires more help than you and your family is able to provide so maybe it’s time to move her into an assisted living facility.  After doing your research, visiting facilities and talking with others you’ve found the perfect facility that fits her lifestyle, budget and is close to family. 

The problem: many assisted living facilities in Salt Lake City have occupancy rates of 90% or higher, some even have a waiting list of 3-6 months.  She needs help now--do you roll the dice and hope she'll be okay at home until her room is available, do you move her into a facility that's not quite perfect and move her again when the right one comes up, or is there another option? 

A great solution is the Interim HealthCare assisted living transition service which serves 2 purposes:  To provide the help she needs now until her facility of choice opens up, and help her integrate into her new community before she moves so when the time comes, the move is stress and worry free.

How it works: 
In-home care:  We will create a customized care plan to help your mother at home until your facility of choice has a room available.  Our in-home care will ease the pressure on you and your family allowing you to maintain your loving relationship without the added stress and responsibility of caregiving. 

Transition:  We’ve found much of the time the emotional stress of moving is caused by a lack of familiarity, so we work closely with the activities coordinator in your facility of choice and bring your mother regularly into the community to participate in activities she will enjoy.  While there we will plan to have her eat lunch or dinner so she has opportunities to develop relationships with her future neighbors and the staff.  By the time her room is available, she’ll feel like she’s already part of the community, making her move much more enjoyable. 

Once she is moved in we’ve found that maintaining a familiar routine is very important while she adjusts, so her home-care aide will continue visiting with her in the community for the first week or so to help her develop new routines, find her way around the neighborhood and participate in meals and activities. 
The service has proven to be a great help to families with a loved one who needs help now but can’t move into the community of choice because of a lack of availability.  You’ll enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your mom is getting the help she needs and can wait for her ideal facility.  Your mom will benefit from far less anxiety and stress about the move because she'll already feel like a resident when the time comes, it will be a move to be closer to family and friends instead of a move into a strange and unfamiliar place.

If interested in learning more about our transition program, call us anytime at 801-401-3515 or fill out the short contact form on the right and we will reach out to you.
Here’s a great blog post called Must Know Facts About Assisted Living Wait Lists:  The website is also a great place to start your research on assisted living communities.  The article highlights the following key points: 

  1.  Assisted Living Communities Have Limited Availability.  In Salt Lake City, many assisted living communities are at 90% or higher occupancy rate. 

  2. Wait lists require deposits

  3. Not all wait list policies are the same. 

  4. You can reserve your favorite apartment suite.  No need to take whatever comes up next—especially if you’re receiving our transition services, you can afford to wait until the ideal room with a view comes available.

  5. Some communities have internal wait lists for special care. 

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